Tom and Mike are from the south side of Chicago. Luckily, they found rafting on the Chattooga River the southeast region of the U.S., an opportunity that forever changed their lives. Sinc then, these city boys have made a name for themselves in the whitewater industry, and, more recently, have created a company that combines the determination, passion, and energy both Tom and Mike possess.  


Sheila arrived in Denali, Alaska, with a degree in photojournalism and a sense of adventure. Sheila and Tom met while she was photographing rafters from the banks of the Nenana River just outside Denali National Park. 


Long story short, they have been together since the day they met, literally. With the love of travel, rafting, and photography, Sheila encouraged Tom to explore the world with her. In each place they visited, he found a rafting company to help build his resume. Working with local companies allowed them to mix with local cultures and explore the world through rafting. Their international experiences made them learn and grow as one. Traveling and working opened their eyes to the opportunity of an adventure tourism company.


 Tom and Sheila have never lost their passion for adventure. They are raising a family of two daughters and a son in Fairbanks Alaska, all while enjoying and working their summers on the Nenana River in Denali. 


 After several seasons on the Chattooga River, Mike worked his way up and down the east coast on various class V rivers. Seeking more adventure, he traveled to Alaska. There he worked on the Nenana, Six Mile Creek, as well as other other rivers, and quickly fell in love with the beautiful wilderness of Alaska, finding his niche and home in Denali. Dedicated to furthering his career, Mike has transitioned into whitewater guide training and river safety instruction.


After numerous summers managing raft companies, Tom, Shelia, and Mike decided to team up and make their dream become a reality. Their passion for rivers and sharing the world's beauty turned into New Wave Adventures, where the best trip is every trip.


"She-ra" Concannon










Safety "is always in season."

Teamwork "making the dream work."

Gratitude "is the attitude."

Health & Wellness "living your best life."

Environmental Stewardship "you are what you leave behind."


New Wave Adventures LLC is an adventure company specializing in rafting trips in Denali National Park, Alaska. New Wave strives for the best trip every trip. Our core values are what drives a culture that displays our commitment to excellence. Our dedication to detail allows us to create the best customer experience.


The rafting industry has impacted our lives tremendously. We have built a company based on all the best practices we've seen throughout our professional careers and have the experience to guide you on amazing rafting adventures. You, the customer, and safety are always on our minds. New Wave offers raft trips daily in Denali National Park, Alaska, May through September, as well as guided adventures around the world year round. With the support of affiliate operators and connections, we built a company that allows you to adventure around the world. 


Our team collectively has over 100 years of rafting experience with over 

50 years in Alaska! We are a new rafting company backed with the professional expertise – our team members have guided on several rivers in Asia, South America, and the United States. Wherever we venture out, we aim to keep adventure rafting sustainable and locally-minded through our affiliate operator network. We have lived or worked in all the places we are sharing with our guests. 

  Safety is a top priority in any adventure with New Wave. We use only high-quality gear and outfitters that share our values. New Wave actively promotes conservation, environmental responsibility, and outdoor recreation with minimal impact. We want the opportunity for outdoor experiences to last for generations to come. 


We can eat the best food, we can buy expensive materials, but, ultimately, experiences are priceless. New Wave is partnered with local businesses in Denali, Alaska and adventure companies internationally. Our Network allows us to provide seamless itineraries that create connections with locals and the surrounding natural world.


New Wave Adventures is a register LLC. We are fully licensed and insured. 

American Outdoor member


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