What TYPE of GEAR do we use and WHO takes care of it

Wookess “Wookie” Williams

New Wave Adventures Equipment Manager 

Yup, we've got a “Wookie”!! Every team needs a Wookie. You know, that person you can count on – a jack of all trades, master of….. Well, you get the point.  

Wookess Williams is commonly known as “The Head Geary” around the outpost. He has over 10 years experience on the Nenana River and in the warehouse.  If you have any questions about the functionality of our high tech gear, Wookie has the answer.

When Wookie isn’t rafting, he is implementing our equipment management system. Having him on the team provides a security blanket. His lead role here at New Wave is maintaining and managing safe equipment for the team and the guests. 

Thanks, Wookie.


  • Four 18 ft rafts

  • Six 16 ft rafts

  • All manufactured by Hyside 

  • Hypolonoe material

  • Multi-chambered 

  • 9 ft oars for 16 ft rafts 

  • 10 ft Cataract oars for 18ft rafts

Helmets and Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

  • Man of rubber 

  • Adjustable 

  • Wear hats underneath

  • US coast guard certified PFD



  • Gull 

  • Neoprene necks for comfort 

  • Several sizes to fit almost everyone

  • State of the art waterproof material 

  • Will keep your clothes dry


  • Hyside 

  • New Wave Branded 

  • 48”

  • Only for use in Paddle Rafts